04 December 2013

Have fun with photos at photofunia

I found this terrific "photofunia" site via Vivian, one of the teachers at Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre. She uses the site for students when they first join a class there. The idea is that students upload a photo of themselves and do something fun with it, for example turn themselves into the Mona Lisa, or a design on top of a cappuccino.

It's kind of an ice-breaker, but people are also learning basic skills in web browsing and file management (upload, download files, remember where you saved it etc).

Teachers at PRACE were a bit interested, so I made this help file for their students. Let me know if you find it useful.

  1. photofunia dot com
  2. the help file (in pdf format - stored in google drive)

(Cross-posted from the e-learning at PRACE blog.)

=> By Michael Chalk