20 February 2012

Progress at Lalor LLC phlogged to the world

In response to our plea to try out the very simple phone blogging tool, ipadio, Assunta has produced a wonderful progress report on her and Carmela's e-project.

We've embedded it here to inspire you to have a go:

Thanks very much for participating with enthusiasm and dedication so far, Assunta and Carmela. We look forward to hearing and seeing your presie online or in our June showcase (more on that later...)

You can find a previous post about Progress at Lalor here or Search using the new Search Feature (top of the right sidebar).

16 February 2012

How to phone blog with iPadio - Listen to the recording of the webinar

#1) Live session / workshop - a North West Cafe webinar.

One of the simplest ways to get people talking on the web: we're running a session introducing newcomers to iPadio (phone blogging). Because people have such complicated lives, we're running it twice. And we're offering this out to the other regions, so we need to have your RSVP.

A hands-on tutorial in making a phone blog using ipadio. For people with absolutely no experience in this wonderfully easy podcasting tool. For e-leaders in the current e-mentors program plus anyone else with curiosity and a sense of adventure. People with experience are welcome to attend too. We hope to have some time to discuss your thoughts on the applications of this tool for teaching and learning.

This was held on Tuesday 21 February. If you would like to hear the recording, click the following link to view a list of our webinars, then select the webinar dated 21 February 2012:

There might be an opportunity in a few months for a Phone blogging How-to webinar Part 2 - on customising the podcast details, embedding the podcast and registering for your own account/ channel.

[If you're still having trouble getting in to Blackboard Collaborate, pleeeease contact Jill, Ann or myself for some problem-solving assistance.]

Shortcut link to attend a live session in the Blackboard Collaborate room:


More details in the ACE network Ning (events page). (login req'd)

Stay tuned, because this is the first of a whole series of online professional development for e-learning practitioners across the regions. This means sessions delivered not only by Jill, Ann & Michael in the North-West, but also many more amazing e-learning people right around Victoria.

06 February 2012

E-learning at Carlton in focus

Here's our latest guest blogger: Sarah Deasey from Carlton NLC. Thanks so much Sarah, and welcome (michael). 

Hello this is Sarah. I am the Further Education coordinator at CNLC.
There have been many opportunities for development of basic computer and online skills in the last 10 years or more. Past projects include:
  • Skillsnet funding in the Nineties for broad community training;
  • a telematics trust  grant for disability students; and
  • various grants through the flexible learning framework.