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Listen to our phone blogs at the North West Cafe ipadio channel
Channel Homepage:

Making a phone blog:

1. Call 1800-802-569
2. When prompted, enter the registered phone number: 613-9347 2739 and press #
3. Enter PIN: 7314
4. TALK and then hang up.

Michael's 23 Things BB-Collaborate sessions
The "23 Things" series is a journey of discovery into web2 communicative technologies and educational networking. Come and explore what you can do on the web with photos, audio and video. It's all about active learning through reflective sharing. 

There are two strands: held fortnightly Monday (next one on the 7th Nov) at 6pm and Thursday (next on the 17th Nov) at 4pm in the the ACFE Blackboard Collaborate 'room':

And stay tuned to the ACE network Ning events page: where Michael will confirm session dates as they come up.

Details about the "23 Things" learning adventure here at the wiki:

Visit the ACE NING community and consider joining us

Here is the link to the ACE e-learning community NING: a giant shared space for Discussions, Blogs and Events.

Join our regular webinar meetings in Blackboard Collaborate

We offer a series of drop-in sessions in BB-Collaborate for you to drop in and discuss ideas, technologies and issues. Timetable for 2012 coming soon. To tune in, click the following link to our 'room':

Ann Hardingham has produced some how-to videos for using Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing. She has put them in the CAE wiki so click the link to go there to watch the videos.

Missed the webinar? Listen to the recording
Here is the link to all the ACFE Vic-wide webinar recordings:
To find the one you want to hear, you'll need to know the date on which it was held.

Drop-in session recordings:
4 November 2011 - To view the recording, click the link below: 
(includes a demo of how to set your wiki Notifications to receive an email when someone posts a Discussion and how to post a Discussion.)

Join the world at the 'Community Connect'  Australia e-Series Webinars

Junita from East Gippsland and Coach Carole from up Baranduda way are both involved in the Australia e-series, a collaborative journey into professional development. Click here to  Link to The Australia e-Series blog - this is where you'll find the link to their Blackboard Collaborate room.

Listen to the session recordings - links are on their wiki Home Page: e-collaboration.

Grab a copy of the E-learning Plan to fill out for your organisation

Here it is at Google docs: copy it and rename it to fill it out at your convenience.

Other links
The following sites offer more useful information about Web2 resources and e-learning:
Why blog?
Here is an excellent article explaining some of the most compelling reasons to blog: 20 Ways to Get Ideas for Writing Blog Posts from the Innovative Educator

Interested in using Facebook with your students?
Here is an excellent article at Edublogs providing tips for privacy and excellent models.