12 December 2011

Phone blog your progress here via our iPadio phonecast channel

Below is a phone blog posted by Jill to our North West e-Mentors ipadio channel. Phone blogging is very easy to do - once you're feeling confident with the technology you could even create a channel for your students to use.

Please consider joining us here with your first phone blog.

Our iPadio channel is open for business: using ipadio you can call a special number (from anywhere in Australia it's 1800-802569) from either your landline or mobile and follow the prompts to provide the registered phone number and PIN.

(iPadio will detect that you're not calling from the registered phone - don't worry about that, just enter the registered number and PIN.)

You then say what you want to us to hear, that's right, no-one will interrupt you! When you're finished, just hang up.

Here are the details:

1. Call 1800-802-569
2. When prompted, enter the registered phone number: 613-9347 2739 and press #
3. Enter PIN: XXXX (ask us in person)
4. TALK and then hang up.

So we look forward to hearing your phlogs about your e-learning adventures. And we will also embed the phlogs here for your colleagues in the North west to share.

Here is Panayota from CNLC talking about how her teaching has benefited from having access to the internet and a data projector in the ESL classroom this year. Good on you for going first, Panayota! (She's using the CNLC ipadio channel).

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