16 April 2012

Evernote Webinar rescheduled to the 8th May

Here is the link to the recording of the webinar held 8th May.
Competing priorities have pushed out this webinar (scheduled for tomorrow) to the later date of Tuesday, 8th May at 3pm, in our ACFE E-mentor Blackboard Collaborate room.

Recently I blogged here about my discovery of this brilliant personal and professional management tool: Evernote. I was also very impressed with Trent Bourne's webinar for the Australia e-series: here is a link to the recording.

So I jumped at the chance to share its many strengths with you via our very own North west region webinar. 

We'll tour the inner workings of a personal Evernote and discuss the many applications you could put it to. We might even squeeze in a glimpse at other handy web-based research managers, such as DIIGO and Delicious.

It'd be great if you could RSVP here or to the Event in the ACE e-learning network (ning).

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