12 June 2012

"Advanced wikispaces skills" session challenges presenters!

Jill and michael ran a session on the advanced aspects of wikispaces. Clearly nobody feels "advanced", because we were alone in the session.

However, we thought that some skills were worth demonstrating anyway. So we went ahead, intending to record the presentation for possible future value, and also to share some tips & strategies with each other.

Here's the menu we started with:

The large menu was designed to give people a choice (too much for one session) ..so we decided to focus on only 3 of the skills.

Okay the hilarious thing for us was that whatever we tried to demonstrated (for the recording), had changed since we last worked it out.

Great. Thank heavens nobody came.

Personally i think it can be good to show people that you don't know everything, that the expert is not a guru, and that feeling foolish in front of your peers is a perfectly acceptable part of the modern educational narrative. 

It really illustrated the fact that you just can't ever rely on software remaining the same. You always have to adapt. The people who will succeed in integrating technology into their working lives most successfully, are the people who can work in a problem-solving way as they adapt to change.

So. We may share the recording, or we may hunt out some resources to go with this post. Stay posted. 

What about you - how do you feel when you demonstrate technology in front of your students, and everything has changed? What strategies do you use to cope wit the situation?