23 August 2012

Let's start at the very beginning - new projects!

Great news everyone. There's a new round of e-learning projects about to be underway in the North-West LearnLocal region. Some organisations are returning, while others have been participating at the edges, and a few are complete newcomers to our network.

Welcome one and all. Here's the list of starters:
  • Australian Multicultural Community Services
  • Community West Inc
  • Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre
  • Jesuit Social Services trading as Jesuit Community College
  • Lalor Living and Learning Centre
  • Laverton Community Integrated Services Inc.
  • Richmond Community Learning Centre
  • South Kingsville Community Center
  • Yarraville Community Centre
It's always a good feeling at the beginning... the hope that you'll make new mistakes instead of the same old ones. Mistakes are necessary for learning, right? The enthusiasm that comes when people meet for the first time.

We're inviting all the participants to come join us for a face-to-face get-together, an "induction" to use the bureaucratic language. 

Either Tuesday 11 Sept, 9:30-12:20 or Thursday 13 Sept, 1:00-3:50pm. Both sessions at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) at 278 Flinders Lane: Mezzanine Room CM12. Yes i left the location off the invitation email. Whoops. 

At the face-to-face get-together, we'll open up discussion on topics like these:

  • Overview of e-learning - what do people do already?
  • Goals of the project: trial something with learners.
  • What activities can work with your learners?
  • What do you want to learn, and how?
We'll tackle some technical skills, explore some communication tools, and talk logistics of how to connect, coming to visit you and so forth. 

Photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: Pixel Addict.

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  1. All the best with those sessions. CNLC staff who attended the last round still talk positively about the value of networking face2face with others: that 'looking over the back fence experience' and connecting. How to build from that and make it sustainable, that is the question.