11 September 2012

Which model of e-learning suits you?

Clint Smith is one amazing e-learning strategist. You may have seen him at the recent Victorian LearnLocal e-learning showcase. According to Clint, these 8 models are the most commonly understood representations of how people engage with e-learning in business and education.

We asked our participants which of the models were most likely to interest them. Blended Learning and Live Online Learning (aka web conferencing) were the most interesting.

We held a live poll in person at the North-West induction sessions, via sms and also the web. People could vote here on the page, but now voting is closed, and here are the results, showing a clear winner for "blended learning 2.0".

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Didn't get to vote? Don't like the results? Maybe you agree, and would like to add something. Please leave us a comment below (look for the bit that says "(number) comments". I made this poll at smspoll.net, after seeing Michael Gwyther use it at a forum.

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