27 January 2012

Phone blog your Progress, Part 2: E-skills at Carlton NLC

Further to the post, Phone blog your Progress, here are some interesting phone blogs kindly shared with us by staff from Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC). They were asked to describe how the teaching and learning in their ESL classes changed in 2011 with the introduction of internet and the projector into the classrooms.

The CNLC ipadio player:

The following phone blogs or 'phlogs' can be heard by clicking the little red + icon in the bottom right corner of the player (found as you move your mouse over the little spanner). You'll be taken to CNLC's ipadio channel where you can listen to each of them.

Or you can visit CNLC's ipadio channel to hear them.

Phlog #1. Toni describes how she uses Youtube with her Hands on English class
Phlog #2. Moira talks about using the internet as an information resource and image bank in the ESL Level 2 class
Phlog #3. Panayota describes how she uses the internet and VILC for current affairs in the ESL 3 classroom

Now it's over to you... in 2012
  • Is there a measure of progress you would like to share with fellow e-leaders?
  • What are your hopes and aspirations for developing an e-project or changing the way the internet is used in your day-to-day teaching?

Consider providing a short phone blog (or phlog) for this blog. It will be accessible initially via our ipadio channel and if you're happy with it, we can post it here too.

How to make a phlog at our North West Cafe phone blog:
1. Call 1800-802-569
2. When prompted, enter the registered phone number: 613-9347 2739 and press #
3. Enter PIN: 7314
4. TALK and then hang up.

Tip: It helps to jot down some dot points in preparation before you start talking. Looking forward to hearing your phlogs!

Here's a great screencast to assist in creating your first phlog.

Using ipadio in the classroom
Read the excellent article 'Ten ideas for educating innovatively with ipadio' to explore the many ways you could incorporate ipadio phlogs in your teaching and learning.

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  1. I've just edited the player and the instructions again for your convenience, as I haven't worked out how to actually embed each phlog - just the player which links to the particular channel at ipadio. This is likely a glitch related to blogger (or my e-skills!) rather than to ipadio.