20 February 2012

Progress at Lalor LLC phlogged to the world

In response to our plea to try out the very simple phone blogging tool, ipadio, Assunta has produced a wonderful progress report on her and Carmela's e-project.

We've embedded it here to inspire you to have a go:

Thanks very much for participating with enthusiasm and dedication so far, Assunta and Carmela. We look forward to hearing and seeing your presie online or in our June showcase (more on that later...)

You can find a previous post about Progress at Lalor here or Search using the new Search Feature (top of the right sidebar).

1 comment:

  1. Assunta, thank you so much for posting this story about what you're doing to support the tutors and learners at Lalor. It's true that so many people get scared of going into the computer room, because they're not sure of the basics.

    Sounds like your presentation will help them a lot, and you're already learning from the feedback.

    kind regards, michael