16 March 2012

Collaborative authoring.. a live session

Thanks to all who attended this session.

We attempted a "live document editing activity" during the session, which went pretty well i thought (michael). 

Jill was nervous about it, because she was running that activity, and it can be nerve-wracking. From my perspective, she was amazing. It takes a lot of skill to do application-sharing and web touring all at once. 

Here's the presentation from the session.

Please post any follow-up questions in the comments here, or over on the network "Ning". Recording link to follow.

3pm, Tuesday 20 March.

Learn all about editing documents and spreadsheets, slide presentations and more..
  • What does it mean to edit your documents "in the cloud"?
  • What are the implications?
  • How does it work?
  • How many people can edit one document at the same time? (we wonder)

With your NW presenters, Jill Koppel and Michael Chalk (online). Join us in the ACFE / LearnLocal Open House meeting room.

This session is based in the North-West region, however all are welcome - from Warrnambool to Mallacoota.

Session also publicised over in the ACE e-learning network events area.

Image by Eole at Flickr - thanks! (creative commons).