16 March 2012

Collaborative authoring.. a live session

Thanks to all who attended this session.

We attempted a "live document editing activity" during the session, which went pretty well i thought (michael). 

Jill was nervous about it, because she was running that activity, and it can be nerve-wracking. From my perspective, she was amazing. It takes a lot of skill to do application-sharing and web touring all at once. 

Here's the presentation from the session.

Please post any follow-up questions in the comments here, or over on the network "Ning". Recording link to follow.

3pm, Tuesday 20 March.

Learn all about editing documents and spreadsheets, slide presentations and more..
  • What does it mean to edit your documents "in the cloud"?
  • What are the implications?
  • How does it work?
  • How many people can edit one document at the same time? (we wonder)

With your NW presenters, Jill Koppel and Michael Chalk (online). Join us in the ACFE / LearnLocal Open House meeting room.

This session is based in the North-West region, however all are welcome - from Warrnambool to Mallacoota.

Session also publicised over in the ACE e-learning network events area.

Image by Eole at Flickr - thanks! (creative commons).


  1. Great idea, Michael. Provided all the participants have a Google 'identity' (either a gmail or have registered another email account with Google) we can test the limits of Google docs during the session and attempt to edit the same doc at the same time. (A variation on our last webinar during which we all phone blogged with ipadio at the same time).

  2. We got around the issue of not having a Google identity/ log-in to edit a doc by opening our doc up to the world to edit!

    It seemed to work: we could see the 'anonymous' editors working in the doc as well as those who were signed in.

    The features of collaborative editing in Google docs still amaze me especially that synchronous editing. It seems that teachers also exploit this in the classroom - I've added some links to an article and to a presie with ideas for the classroom. See Slide 12 for those links.

    The topic of Google docs really needs a couple of sessions to do it justice, in fact, if I come across some useful screencasts on the topic, I'll embed them or add the links to the blog posts.

    By the way, I just love the way when you click on the Full screen icon at the bottom of the Google Presie, you can select a particular slide to look at. I showed that feature to my students the other day just after I discovered it...