22 March 2012

North West region "community of practice"

Victoria Market
I've just met with some wonderful teachers and managers of the North-West region and Sue O'Brien of the NW ACFE regional office, in at the AMES "Multicultural Hub" opposite the Victoria Market.

From the agenda, i was expecting to give a presentation with an overview of blended learning, and some examples of who's doing it around the regions. Because it was about 10 of us around a table, the session quickly turned into a conversation where i hope most people had some input. We tackled the really fundamental questions too, for example

  • "What is blended learning?" 
  • "Just give us the easiest thing to start with, not too many options", 
  • What are our main issues and concerns, as well as 
  • explain the jargon!  

Here's the presentation, with notes that came up during the session.

(Yes, i did recycle the induction presentation, so imagine my surprise when i saw at least 3 people who had been at the induction ;-) Fortunately there was plenty of expertise and experience around the room, so i wasn't the only one responding to questions. Thanks especially to Alex & Meg, Paul, Nader, Wayne and Patricia for taking on the role of expert. And everyone for contributing. 

You'll notice that most of the time was spent building up those first few discussion frames, while we didn't really touch on the rest of the presentation at all, except for looking at a few of the examples as they came up in conversation.

Please post any feedback or follow up questions here below (look for where it says "comments" to add your $2 worth).


- Michael Chalk -

Photo by geoftheref (creative commons at flickr).

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