23 November 2012

What's happening around the region?

Here in the North-West, we've met with some inspiring educators from 8 different organisations.

It always intrigues me when i meet people who say, "We're real beginners with e-learning, we don't really know what we're doing," and then you find out they're already experimenting with all kinds of engaging practices in their classrooms. So often, people in adult education don't recognise what's already happening in their teachers' practice.

Here's a very brief overview of what people are working towards on these e-learning mentor projects. So far, people are looking to:

  • find a way to enable the trainer to support many people at different levels of information and communicative technologies (ICT) awareness in the one "drop-in" session (RCLC),
  • build up resources to share across English as a second language (ESL) classes using online storage & discussion space (wikispaces) (Yarraville, Laverton),
  • employ presentation software to engage low-level language and literacy students, and expand techniques of using data projector in the classroom (JSS), 
  • set up networks of students between different organisations, using "keypal" strategies (students email between classes) (Glenroy),
  • engage staff via virtual staffroom to explore and share strategies for engaging learners (Lalor LLC), 
  • build or adapt a model for blended learning across the organisation (Glenroy, AMCS), 
  • explore ways to overcome student fears of technology (JSS), 
  • find a learning management system (LMS) that suits learners at very low levels of technology confidence (AMCS). 

Credits for photos in the presentation: Urban DonPixel Addict

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