01 March 2013

Dropbox, an introduction

Michael Chalk and Ian Hall present an intro to Dropbox:

  • How to get it,
  • what it's for and
  • what can you do with it. 
Thursday 07 March, 12:30 AEDT. Location TBA (online - you'll need a headset)

Especially for the folk of the Loddon Mallee and North-West regions, however everyone is welcome. Please indicate here in the comments, or on the ACE network Ning events page (login req'd), whether we'll see you. Come and share your knowledge if you already have some experience.

Still booking an online room, but we'll let you know how to find us.

We'll talk briefly about the other options, for example Google Drive and microsoft Skydrive, but the main focus will be on Dropbox.

45-60 minute presentation, followed by optional conversation and networking, Q & A time.


  1. One can do a lot more with Dropbox other than storing docs and files. For instance, I use its sync capabilities and integration features with other document management solutions to help me organize as well as work with my business files. Personally, I use GroupDocs integration with Dropbox for collaborate on files and it has been a great experience.

  2. Thanks Janet. How casually you dropped that link into the conversation. Wow GroupDocs is expensive (on my scale of things).

    Yes I do a lot more too, for example storing portable apps, which i can then run from any computer without needing to install them.