15 November 2011

Common threads across the North-West

Common strands of e-ndeavour

From our perspective, joining a mentor program to improve your understanding and implementation of e-learning (or "e-business") isn't just about what happens in house. It's also about the connections you're making with the people and networks around you. Many people have been saying in recent years that professional development these days is about strengthening and expanding your "Personal Learning Network" (PLN).

So what do you have in common with the other organisations in the North-West e-mentor projects?

There are some clear strands emerging from our discussions with the e-leaders and e-participants at each of the 11 sites we have visited in the last month. We thought we would summarise these with you and perhaps feature one or two sites as a case study to show similarities in scope, progress and constraints.

Develop a staff communication and networking hub
  • AMCS: using a combination of Google sites. docs and possibly Moodle;
  • CNLC: build on Staffroom wiki from 2010 by integrating Google docs and calendar;
  • Carringbush: a staff wiki to build skills and eventually store teaching resources;
  • Djerriwarrh: investigate capacity of Sharepoint to have a wiki interface for communication hub;
  • Laverton: a staff wiki for networking and building e-skills;
  • Nillumbik: ditto
  • SPAN: a wiki for collaboratively developing policy, principally for manager and Board members;
  • Wingate: a staff wiki as a repository for e-resources developed for the classroom;
  • Yarraville: ditto
Develop e-resources for the language and literacy classroom
  • CNLC: students' wiki is a repository for work (links and embedded media) and a place to display students' audio / video recordings;
  • Carringbush: wish to enhance worksheets with screenshots and use of Powerpoint;
  • Lalor: develop a Powerpoint resource to assist first time ESL users in the computer room;
  • Wingate: explore Hot Potatoes and develop resources for low-level ESL learners
Develop distance education components for vocational courses
  • Djerriwarrh: investigate Moodle for Discussion forum component to complement the Didasko resources for Hospitality units;
  • Meadow Heights: investigate integrating e-learning into Cert 3 in Business;
  • Wingate: adapt existing resources developed for a Smartboard at another location
Staff induction resource
  • Laverton are considering developing a video induction resource for new staff
Web social networking for marketing/ recruitment to courses
  • AMCS: would like to add a Q and A interactive forum to their website for prospective students
Whilst these ideas are documented in your e-learning plans, they are not set in concrete. Through networking with others and trialing the resources available, you'll probably modify your focus to some degree.

Have we summarised your goals accurately? Have we left out anything important? Let us know in the Comments below.

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