16 November 2011

What's holding you back? [Please give your input here]

We'd like to hear your views about some of the constraints that may be inhibiting your progress at this (early) stage? Could you please fill out the survey below so that we can plan future opportunities to connect and progress the projects?

So what are the common constraints?

The most obvious ones are lack of physical resources (many sites still don't have ease of access to computing and data projector in their classrooms). Some of the sites visited need a general upgrade of computing resources OR just some IT assistance with loading programs such as Flash and Java so that videos will play and other programs like Blackboard Collaborate will run.

And lack of time and human resources - it's hard to estimate how much time it takes to master a skill or develop a resource.  What we do know is that you can pick up many tips and skills online through existing support networks. That's why we urge you to join this blog, the ACE NING and join the Blackboard Collaborate e-series available for free. These informal networks rely on the generosity of the participants so we encourage you to share your knowledge too, however modest you think that is.

Please fill out the Happiness survey below (after the break: "Read More")

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