28 November 2011

Do you think Moodle will meet your needs?

Prabhakar from AMCS and Joanne at Djerriwarrh are both considering using a "learning management system (LMS)" known as Moodle.

What is it, and how do you get it?

Fundamentally, moodle is an environment where you can set up discussion forums and course outlines. *

1) Talk to eWorks. They can set you up with a "TrainingVC" account, which gives you access to your choice of Blackboard or Moodle (both of these are learning management systems with forums, space for resources, student tracking etc). I think the initial outlay is $2000.

CAE uses this option (is that right, Ann?)

2) Find an alternative moodle host, such as:

3) Get the software and run it on your own web server. This is tricky, but some people do it, for example:

4) Or find a web host who provides a "one click install" for popular free and open source software, such as moodle, wordpress, joomla. At PRACE, we use a Queensland-based crowd called "Fluccs" who offer free hosting for community & non-profit organisations. (And their paid options are reasonable too.)

While you're still considering moodle, have a look at the huge number of resources that provide an insight into how others use moodle in their learning environment. I've taken a screenshot of the Moodle Group Page in DIIGO, a shared bookmarking website. As you can see, many people recommend and share particular website links. They often comment too, about the content and usefulness of each, which helps whittle down the list to something digestible.

And Coach Carole has just confirmed that the Moodle Group in the ACE NING will be up and running again in 2012. So join the network there too!

Other related links:

Mark Dreschler gives this presentation on "Creating the perfect moodle course":

We'll keep you posted about further 'people' resources - happy holiday research!

* The tech talk: moodle is a free & open source web application that runs on your web server in the same way that an application like word runs on your desktop.