12 September 2011

e-learning adventures in the North-West

So it's time to set off on some new journeys and adventures. Here in the North-West metro region of Melbourne, we're welcoming a huge nine new organisations and two continuing organisations on board for the 2011-12 e-learning mentor projects.

The organisations are:
  • Australian Multicultural Community Services
  • Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC) *
  • Carringbush Adult Education Inc
  • Djerriwarrh Employment and Education Services
  • Lalor Living & Learning Centre Inc.
  • Laverton Community Integrated Services Inc.
  • Living & Learning Nillumbik
  • Meadow Heights Learning Shop Inc
  • SPAN Community House *
  • Wingate Avenue Community Centre
  • Yarraville Community Centre
* Centres continuing from 2011.

We've decided to establish this blog as a platform for sharing resources and for e-leaders and e-travellers from each organisation to reflect on their progress in a truly collaborative environment.
Once you've posted a blog post, we can post a Comment in reply.

Join the wider ACE social learning NING community to network across the State.

Please join us here at the ACE NING where there is a growing community of over 270 educators in the sector discussing and reflecting on their e-experiences, and also promoting e-events.

Check the Links and Resources Page for things to explore, such as:
  • our web conferencing room at Blackboard Collaborate; and
  • documents that will be useful in your e-journey.


  1. Thanks Michael for setting this blog up quickly.

    Welcome everyone! If last year was Year of the Wiki, then this year might be Year of the Blog.... Hope you all get the hang of sharing and reflecting here in the Edublog. It might be just what you need in your particular workplace.

    I've put some useful links in the Blog roll but tools we might use on a daily basis are in the Links and Resources Page.

    I've also added some Categories for posts - they'll become useful as the content grows, and you might be searching for posts on a particular topic.

    Yes, let's put the presentation used in the Induction session, 15 September, here in this post.

  2. Welcome to the North-West Cafe (having circuitously arrived via edublog. I don't think we'll regret it!)
    So well done again Michael!

    It's a beautiful theme - I find it a lot easier to read and you've found some more images too.

    I think it'll be more logical for folks to grab a gmail account for use of a number of its tools, as well as this blogger/blogspot.

  3. Hello and thanks Jill ;-)

    Yes, blogger have really improved the way they do themes.. and this classic look is easier to navigate than that "dynamic view" thing.

    i do like having images in a blog post, makes things a bit more interesting.

    kind regards, michael