15 September 2011

September 15 and 23 Induction sessions: ideas for possible projects

Jill starts
I really enjoyed meeting the new project participants today, and, of course, seeing a few who are continuing from last year.

In the short time available to brainstorm the vast realm of everything 'e', we mapped our different students and contexts, identifying immediate needs and a range of 'wish list' skills and possible projects.

Centres and course covered: vocational and pre-vocational certificates, VCAL, ESL Certificates and a range of short courses (too numerous to mention). Needs included:
    • communication technology for web conferencing (online staff meetings, verification meetings, VCE holiday intensives, PD drop-in, skill-focused workshop)
    • some sort of course management system (CMS) for secure e-lodgement of assessments (eg. Moodle, Wikispace with custom permissions,
    • capture of evidence of competencies on work placements and in oracy tasks (Flip camera, mp3 player, Easi-speak, Voice Discussion boards-VOXopop, Ipadio phone blogs) - have a look at Junita's Flip blog
    • scaffolded language tasks (text construction and narrated Powerpoints for ESL learners)
    • smarter use of the internet and Youtube in the classroom (Interactive Whiteboard, embedding videos on wiki)
    • induction program for new students (a blog or wiki hub to introduce the resources and services of the Centre)

At this point it's probably fruitful to widen our investigations, though further down the track we'll need to prioritise and narrow down the list of possible projects so that the task is not too daunting.

We might still allow ourselves to deviate at any stage and explore some of the Web2 tools that could immediately and (relatively) simply enhance our teaching practice. For example, I have been a fervent convert to Dropbox, a simple 'cloud' file management system that will sync my files between Netbook, mac and work PC. And for all things Google, have a look at Junita's Spruz page devoted to Google apps.

Ann adds
Continuing on from today's discussion on possible projects it has been highlighted the need for support in developing skills and knowledge in the application of tools.
    • What are they?
    • How can we use them in the classroom?
    • How do they work?
What is:
    • Easipeak, Yeti,
    • Audacity
    • Blackboard Collaborate?
Other questions
  • How can I use e-Learning in the classroom?
  • What about finding or generating interactive resources?
  • How can I use youTube upload and what about
  • How do we deal with privacy issues?
  • Link to student only?
    • Who can i turn to, & how do I problem-solve when up & running?

    Possible project ideas:
    Staff site
      • Communication
      • Wiki site
      • Training & resources

    How to make movies
      • Storage of files

    Digital storytelling
      • Animation
    Resources & tools
    • Wiki
    • Jing
    • Audacity

    Photo credit: licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much: Geoftheref (sugra the juggler), Tanakhwo (Chinese juggler), and The Invizible (the juggler).

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