10 September 2011

E-projects in 2010: 'North West Cafe' opens for business

Just to give an idea of what happened last year, the following organisations participated:
ACE NING North west Cafe Group
  • Olympic Adult Education (OAE)
  • Australian Vietnamese Women's Association (AVWA)
  • Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre (CNLC)
  • Span Community House (in Thornbury)
  • Yooralla (Flinders Lane, City of Melbourne)
  • Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House (TWNH)
  • Diamond Valley Learning Centre (DVLC)

Participants explored a number of tools via the Victoria-wide web conferencing workshops that we conducted on: wiki for content management, Moodle course management, voice technologies and Flip video. We also arranged some site visits to come out and discuss projects and assist with specific tasks. We had a group in the ACE NING, a virtual meeting place like this, but with a Forum and a few other additional features.

End of year reflections
At the end of the year some participants provided feedback via telephone using iPadio which creates a phone blog or phlog that can be embedded just about anywhere. Here's a reflection from Carmen at Yooralla (posted via telephone):

More options to explore iPadio here and listen to 8 phlogs by participants in 2010.

We also contributed our reflections to a Voicethread. Listen to what mentors and champions said about last year's projects here:

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