14 September 2011

Getting started

Consider your e-learning needs

First thing to do is take a look at your own teaching/learning or centre/course management practices and decide where and how you may want to improve them using e-learning strategies such as:
  • networking with others in your field
  • communicating in real time online
  • storing and sharing resources
  • creating or sourcing innovative learning resources
  • exploring relevant web 2.0 tools for specific purposes
  • getting help with an e-learning project
  • setting up a learning management system

Then consider how you are feeling and what you are currently doing in preparing for e-learning:
  1. Hopes and fears - your expectations and your challenges
  2. Self-auditing - your current online management skills
  3. Reflective practices - your methods of evaluating your teaching or course management
  4. Learning Goals - your plans to improve your teaching or course management
  5. Setting up your tools - your method of ensuring you have all the required tools
Each one of us has different goals, needs and expectations for how e-learning will be appropriate for ourselves and our organisations; let's ensure that we know where we stand on this at the beginning.

Note: Take some time to write down your answers to the checklist above to help you with your next task.

E-learning Plan at Your Organisation

Here is a link to this document - download it and fill it out when you've got a good idea of what you want to achieve.

Meet you again in Blackboard Collaborate

We plan to meet again online using a live web conferencing environment known as "Blackboard Collaborate". Timetable to be finalised. There will also be opportunities to join in to webinars organised by other Regions. More information coming soon.

Organise a site visit

We aim to visit you at your organisation during October and get to know you and what you hope to achieve for yourself and your organisation during the program.

Please book your session on the timetable-organiser known as "Doodle" (we sent you the link via email).

Thanks Coach Carole for providing these tips for getting started.

photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: Woowoowoo and Leo Reynolds.

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